FWD: Budget Update 4-27-16

Hey Folks:

I’ve been waiting for this email all day and hope you will be at the Membership Meeting tomorrow to hear the details of the agreement we are working out.

Everyone in UPI will continue to serve out their planned sacrifice days this Spring. We hope that further appropriations are received and that further cost-savings–namely, sacrificed pay days–will not be required from anyone at the university.

If cost-savings do resume
, we have an agreement in principle that will reduce the days we agreed to in the Fall. Previously, tenured and tenure-track librarians and faculty were going to sacrifice 5 days of pay in the fall; now it will only be 2 days. All Instructors, Academic Support Professionals and Academic Resource Professionals were going to sacrifice 4 days of pay in the fall; now it will be only 1 day.

Please join us at the meeting tomorrow and we will answer questions then.

In solidarity,


TO: University Community

FROM: Sharon Hahs, President

DATE: April 27, 2016

RE: Budget Update 4-27-16

As I wrote to you in my last budget update, the General Assembly passed SB2059, stop-gap funding for universities. The Governor signed the bill on Monday. I indicated that VP Pierick and his team would clarify the details of the legislation and analyze our budget and cash position, determining our capability to suspend the furlough and cost-savings program.

This work has been completed, and I am very pleased that we are able to suspend our program. Our hiring and spending freeze remains in effect at this time.

Effective May 1, 2016, the University is suspending furloughs for Administrative and Professional employees, Teamsters, Engineers, MAP (University Police), and AFSCME. UPI and the administration have reached a tentative agreement with respect to the process for UPI.

While we are grateful for the stop-gap funding which has provided some relief, we will continue to advocate for our FY16 and FY17 appropriations. In the event that Northeastern has not received a FY16 appropriation by June 30, the furlough and cost-savings program will resume the week of July 4.

I thank every employee for the sacrifices we have made in order to manage these difficult times. I feel certain that the fact that Northeastern had our furlough and cost-savings program contributed to the General Assembly’s understanding of the critical impact of the budget impasse. I will keep you apprised of our continuing efforts in regard to the FY16 and FY17 appropriations.

Thank you again.