IMMEDIATE ACTION ALERT – Call now re HJRCA 59 – The Fair Tax Amendment

Please call now to support HJRCA 59 – The Fair Tax Amendment. We are currently running up unnecessary debt due to the budget crisis engineered by the governor, and the solution to our state’s problems with or without his input is a more reliable and reasonable revenue stream. Nanette Potee has put up a full explanation of House Joint Resolution 59 on the off-campus list–please check it out–and I will excerpt it below.

Contact your legislator today to urge a “yes” vote for HJRCA 59 by clicking here [sic]

The Fair Tax is an income tax system that has a higher rate for people with higher incomes and a lower rate for people with lower incomes. It is “fair” because it recognizes that different people have different ability to help fund the important programs of the state. A Fair Tax is not only more fair, but it is also a smart way to raise revenue adequate to support the state budget.

. . .

The first step toward getting a Fair Tax for Illinois is to amend the state constitution to allow it. Currently the constitution only allows a flat tax rate — same for everyone regardless of ability to pay — that fails to produce adequate revenue.

To get the necessary constitutional amendment on the November ballot, the Illinois General Assembly must pass a resolution with a 3/5 majority vote in both the House and Senate. House Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 59 (HJRCA 59) must pass the House by Thursday, May 5, or it will not be on the ballot.

Remember, having a tax system that matches productive states around Illinois is better for us as a university and it is better for the entire State of Illinois. Our irrational government, after only one year of Rauner’s “leadership,” is driving away investment and causing a brain drain that we experiencing on our own campus.