A Message from VP Tim Barnett, GET READY FOR 5/16, and Check Out the NEWSLETTER!

Hey UPI:

Tim posted a great message on the off-campus list and I’m going to close out exam week by pasting it here in case you didn’t see it. And the beautiful Newsletter is attached with entries from Erica Meiners, John Casey and Emily Garcia.

Important MUST DO event on the horizon? NEIU/UPI Train Parties leaving from Union Station at around 7:00 am on Monday 5/16. Two groups will be riding downstate: one going to Macomb where Western Illinois University is and the other going to Charleston, the home of Eastern Illinois University. Why a party? We’ll have good coffee, yummy treats, board games, and each other!

Check out what Tim says about 5/16 below, and please let him know if you are interested and want to join this important action at T-Barnett1@neiu.edu


Hi Everybody,

Hope the grading is going well and thanks to everyone who participated in our May Day celebration on Sunday. It was a great party, and we will need more of those this summer. Once we get past grades, I will organize a welcome to summer happy hour because, even though lots of work remains, we need to also celebrate. We have done pretty amazing things and will continue to do so.

I am also attaching a copy of the latest UPI newsletter, which features visions for NEIU’s future from three faculty members: Emily Garcia, Erica Meiners, and John Casey. I’d like to hear from more faculty and staff about their visions for our university to be featured in future newsletters because we need to hold onto our idea of what NEIU can and should be as we fight against others’ twisted visions.

Finally, the newsletter announces our next big event in our campaign to defeat Rauner’s agenda. On May 16, faculty, students, and staff will be going to Macomb and Charleston, IL to demonstrate against the Republican representatives of those two college towns who are feeling a great deal of heat because they refuse to stand behind the colleges they represent (Western and Eastern Illinois, respectively). There are signs they may be willing to break from Rauner’s agenda, though, to keep their seats in the fall, and we are going downstate to demonstrate with their constituents to let them know that the whole state is watching their next moves. We will train it down as a group, bring games and snacks, and be home for bed that night. Anyone interested in joining or wanting more information, just shoot me an email. Thanks!

We can win if we keep going this summer.