Trip to Macomb to Fight for Illinois Schools – Monday, May 16

Hi All,

On Monday, May 16, we will send an NEIU delegation to Macomb, IL, and we
need you to be a part of this trip. We will be leaving from Union Station
early on Monday, May 16 with a goal of convincing downstate reps who
support Rauner that their jobs will be in danger unless they rethink that
support and vote to fund public higher education. Convincing just a few of
these representatives to abandon Rauner (or helping to elect pro-education
reps to represent state universities in the fall) could change everything
in Illinois, and we can bring that change about.

Let me know if you can join the group at

And, if you cannot go, be thinking about what you will do to change things this summer: visiting/calling your
reps on a regular basis, organizing and writing letters, talking to your
churches and neighbors about what is going on, etc. The UPI will have
specific things we will ask you to do to save NEIU and higher ed in
Illinois, but the bottom line is that we all have to make change this
summer so that we do not come back to furloughs or worse in the fall. Your
participation has never been more needed as we are making headway but will
succeed only if we keep fighting.

Thanks! Tim