Activist Trip on Monday and More!

Some of you have heard that Democrats and Republicans are tentatively talking about budget possibilities in Springfield, and so it is more important than ever that we make our voices heard. One way to do this will be to join the groups going to Eastern and Western Illinois Universities on Monday, May 16 to communicate to politicians and voters downstate how critical it is for the state as a whole (and for their particular communities) to have a budget passed–a budget that fully funds higher education.

If you can join us Monday, contact me and I will fill you in on the details. The other thing you can do on Monday (and every day next week) is to contact the representatives for Eastern and Western Illinois Universities to tell them to vote to fund the schools they represent. Their names and numbers are below, and calling them today, Monday, or any day next week will really turn up the heat that they are already feeling. If we can convince only a few of these reps to do the right thing, Rauner’s agenda will be derailed.

Not everyone can make the trip on Monday, but every one of us can call these two reps to let them know we are watching and that they bear great responsibility for the fate of higher ed in Illinois and the fate of the state itself. So call and get friends and family to call too!

Norine Hammond:
309-836-2707 (Western Rep.)

Reggie Phillips (Eastern Rep.)