Plans for Wednesday’s Fight For $15 Rally

For all of you going to Oak Brook on Wednesday, we will meet in the LWH parking lot at 3:15 and carpool to the McDonald’s headquarters together. Some of you have volunteered to drive, and if you could confirm that you’re still able to, that would be great. For those of you who want to go and need a ride, let me know if you can make it to NEIU on Wed by 3:15. If not, I might be able to work something out for you.

Finally, if you want to travel to Oak Brook on your own, here is their schedule for the afternoon:

4:30p Buses Arrive at 22nd St & York Rd, Oak Brook, IL 60523

5p March steps off heading west on 22nd (1 mile march)
(Email me for an alternative march route for those who cannot make the 1 mile march)

5:45p March Arrives at McD’s HQ

5:45-6:30​p​ Rally & Worker Speak Out

6:30​p​—workers launch encampment​/​closing of action & disperse to buses

For those driving parking is available: 1314 Kensington Rd, Oakbrook

I’m happy to answer any questions. Just email me or text me at 224-35-0910. Thanks and looking forward to seeing many of you on Wed! Tim