UPI Sacrifice Day Formulas /Payroll Impact, Spring 2016

Dear all:

As recently announced, the negotiated UPI Sacrifice Days (Furlough Days and Contingent Salary Weeks) were suspended on May 1, 2016, sooner than originally expected. Following this email will be a series of specific emails with formulas for each employee group. You can use the formula for your group to calculate and confirm your total salary reduction for spring 2016, and the amounts and dates of specific pay periods impacted.

If your position is partially grant-funded, please see specific instructions for calculating your total salary reduction in the email for your employee group. For those who have signed irrevocable retirement commitments, UPI and the administration will meet with you individually to assure correct deductions/reimbursements.

Please note: our membership is complex; some of us have 4.5-month contracts, some have nine-month contracts, and some work all 12 months. Many of us who have nine-month contracts have our pay spread across twelve months. Because of the different number of Sacrifice Days negotiated, and different contracts and pay schedules, some members have completed their deductions and taken the corresponding number of furlough days. Some will still be seeing salary reductions to complete their total sacrifice, and some have overpaid and will receive reimbursements. Please read carefully to make sure you are calculating using the correct variables!