NO FALL FURLOUGHS – Fwd: Budget Update 7-1-16

Dear UPI,

I’m forwarding President Hahs’ message to make sure everyone knows there will be no Sacrifice Pay Days this coming Fall. We are done. And please remember that all other dimensions of the contract were unaffected by the agreement we had with the administration. We will be getting our across-the-board raises, sabbaticals and educational leaves will continue, excellence awards will continue and our workloads will remain the same.

I want to thank everyone in UPI for mobilizing and making the case for higher education. Your chapter officers and representatives and all members stood up and worked like crazy over the past year. We protested, canvassed, negotiated and threw the coolest APRIL 1 solidarity event ever.

The organizing by UPI at the Local has been fantastic. The support and work of our campus administration has been remarkable. Big thanks to all of our sister schools in UPI and to our allies at UIC and in AFSCME, IFT and CTU.

The fight continues and you will be hearing about further actions NEIU/UPI and UPI are planning to secure full funding for public universities this summer.

But for right now, relax and know we will be paid and we will be able to focus on our students and school this Fall.

Have a good holiday weekend!

In solidarity,


TO: University Community

FROM: Sharon Hahs, President

DATE: July 1, 2016

RE: Budget Update 7-1-16

Yesterday, the Illinois Senate and House passed SB2047, along with several other bills, providing a stopgap budget for higher education and the State. The Governor signed these bills last night. This stopgap is intended to keep the State running until after the November election. It is considered an 18-month budget.

For Northeastern, the legislation includes approximately $19.5 million for operations, about $1.2 million for roof and wall repairs, and some MAP funding for FY16 and FY17. MAP funding was passed as a total; today we will learn from ISAC the exact amount for Northeastern.

This certainly is good news. Even as we had determined prior to this funding that the University is stable and we would not reinstate the furlough program, we are relieved that there will be some funding for University priorities. We will be working over the next few weeks to determine allocations. (One priority will be to hold in reserve the equivalent of one month’s payroll for all employees).

While we start a new fiscal year today, we end a week that began with a Springfield press conference where I and other Illinois public university presidents restated the urgent need for adequate funding for higher education. This budget crisis has mobilized our respective universities, and we will continue to advocate for our students and their academic success.

Next Wednesday at 3 p.m. in the Auditorium we will use our meeting to provide information and address questions in a more informal manner. I encourage you to continue sending your comments and questions regarding Northeastern’s budget situation online.

On behalf of the Provost, Vice Presidents and myself, I thank each of you for your hard work and sacrifice that helped us through this crisis. We should now turn our attention to prepare to welcome our incoming class and continuing students.

Best wishes for a happy 4th of July weekend.