Upcoming Events

Just a quick follow-up to Sophia’s message and a reminder about two events coming up quickly:

1) This Friday, August 26th, we are having a UPI-sponsored happy hour at Rojo Gusano (3830 W. Lawrence) at 5 pm. Come celebrate the new year and the great weather and this really excellent new restaurant close to campus. Maybe we can do a little strategizing for the coming year as well.

2) On Monday, September 12, there will be a response to Rev. William Barber’s call for “Moral Mondays” in at least 25 states, and ours will be at noon at the Thompson Center in downtown Chicago. This is part of a national effort to redirect our funding and our political energies to the public sector–education, social services, etc.–and to stop looking at privatization as the answer to our problems. The growth in privatization of public entities and services over the last 40 years, in fact, has paralleled the growth of the income gap between rich and poor and the incredible dominance of the 1%, and we need to change both trends.

Let me know if you have questions or need additional information about either event! Tim