MUST DO (TP/RPs Requesting Verification for Promotion ACT NOW): Please review Academic Affairs-related documents updated in NEIUport

Hey Folks – this went out last week for evaluation of all members of UPI.

HEADS UP FOR ANY TP/RP GOING UP FOR PROMOTION THIS YEAR. Tomorrow, September 13, 2016 is the deadline to request verification for promotion to Associate with Tenure, Full Professor and for PAI.

Please email Academic Affairs today, right now and ask for verification to apply for the rank you seek. Email and with the request. Look too for portfolio deadlines for this semester.

Please open up and review the evaluation schedule this week to see what dates on on the horizon.


Dear Faculty,

I hope your semester is off to a great start. I’d like to make you aware of a number of schedules, guidelines and other Academic Affairs-related documents that have been updated, and that are accessible in NEIUport.

The documents can be found in the Faculty tab, in the Faculty Handbook and Resources channel. Please take a moment to review the following documents:

Under the heading of Workload & Evaluation:

The University Evaluation Schedule for Teaching and Resource Professionals
Evaluation Schedule and Memo for Instructors
Evaluation Schedule and Memo for Academic Support Professionals (ASPs)
Evaluation Schedule and Memo for Academic Resource Professionals (ARPs)

Under Honors & Awards Guidelines:

Sabbatical Leaves
Educational Leaves – Level I–V Administrators and Department Chairs
Educational Leaves – Full-Time Instructors, ASPs, and ARPs
Nominations for Professor Emeritus Appointment

A video presentation describing the review process for faculty awards is available to view online.

Please note that you will continue to receive announcements whenever documents residing in the Faculty Handbook and Resources channel are updated.


Vicki Román-Lagunas, Ph.D.
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs