Why organize now? For NEIU, the city and the state . . .

Dear UPI:

It has been great to have a few weeks to settle into the school year and teach and do our research and service. We’ve got great weather and even better students, staff and faculty. Our activism and pay sacrifices have made this school year possible.

Thanks to everyone! And why again get busy and organize now?

We will be meeting for a planning session today, Tuesday 9/27 in Alumni Hall at 3:00 today, because funding in this state is not yet fixed!

(1) Most proximately for us, Illinois has not funded the Monetary Assistance Program (MAP Grants) for students. That means our reduced funding is reduced even more because NEIU is floating that money. Long range? We determine that future.

(2) In the city’s schools, our IFT affines at CTU announced a strike authorization vote yesterday. With 90.6% of the union voting the authorization passed by 95.6%. That vote is about the quality of education for our children and the quality of life for all of us in the city. See the announcement here.

(3) Our sister university, Chicago State, has suffered a blast of what has become habitual mismanagement this school year. The CSU Board of Trustees will pay $600,000 over the next two years after the resignation of their President who was popular with students, staff and faculty. This payout will be in addition to the salary of the interim president, and comes after wide-ranging layoffs that included tenured faculty members. See these news clips.


We organize now because NEIU is not going to be the next dire headline.

We gave money and time last year.

We’re only giving time this year and it’s going to be fun and a good way to teach and learn.

In solidarity,