MUST DO – Thursday October 6, 3:00-4:00 Courtyard B Rally for the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools

UPI – you should have fliers in your boxes and a pdf and jpg for your D2L sites are attached.

Please invite your students and bring yourselves to a NEIU/United Rally in Support of the Alliance to Save our Schools.

Thursday, 10/6, 3:-4:00 in Courtyard B (Cafeteria for Rain Backup)

There will be mural drawing and tabling with cards to protest that STUDENTS STILL DON’T HAVE MAP FUNDING THIS YEAR in the Village Square from 10:00-3:00 before the rally.

In Chicago, people will be doing “walk-ins” at local schools in a symbolic reclaiming of public education. Try to go to one of those and make sure you are at the rally here on campus.

Do this one folks. We still don’t have a budget and it’s time, yet again, to get busy.

In solidarity!!


10/6 Flyer