Tomorrow: Public Education Stands Up

(from Tim Barnett)

You have probably heard that tomorrow, Thurs. 10/6, is a day to stand up for public education at all levels, and you can find the latest about the state’s financial and educational conflicts by visiting tables in Village Square from 10-3. Plus, we need you to show up for NEIU’s rally outside of the cafeteria (or inside if it rains) at 3 pm!

Early morning events are equally important, as NEIU and the UPI are supporting CPS faculty by “walking in” to a Chicago public school. Walk-ins are non-confrontational and include members of the community, parents, children, etc. who show up at a school to support teachers and students and well-funded public education. Wearing green for UPI or red to show solidarity with CTU would be great!

You can find a school hosting one of these events by going to this website:, or you can join me and others at Courtenay or Jamieson, both of which are close to NEIU.

I plan to go to both and if anyone wants to go together, let me know–I am coming from Lincolnwood and can pick you up along the way or meet you on campus first. And if you can’t make the 7 am walk-in at Courtenay but can make the 7:45 event at Jamieson, that’s great too. It all matters.

As we struggle for MAP grants and funding for higher education, we will only be helping ourselves by standing in solidarity with the Chicago Teachers’ Union, whose members made up a big chunk of the crowd at NEIU’s big April 1 event. I think large collectives will be necessary to change the direction of the state, and here is one chance to be a part of one.

Support Neighborhood Public Schools

October 06, 2016 • 7:00 AM
Chicago, IL 60640

October 06, 2016 • 7:45 AM
Chicago, IL 60659