Congratulations to CTU (And a Big Shout Out of YAY! for all of the NEIU Support)

Welcome back from Fall Break and I hope everyone has heard the good news that the Chicago Teacher’s Union tentatively agreed to a contract with CPS! Check out the details her

I am very happy for our IFT brothers and sisters in K-12 and our student teachers here at NEIU. This is great for Chicago schools and for Chicago, and I’m proud that NEIU/UPI was a part of the mobilization that helped bring about this good outcome.

All of the work we did for APRIL 1 was in coalitions led by the CTU, and our work in coalition throughout the city will continue to support our partners, and all of our students.

We had a great event last week and you all rock turning out for that!

I’m feeling a little hopeful people. Commitment and hard work gets results–as we all know!

In solidarity,