HEADS UP 11/1 (TOMORROW) – For Teaching and Resource Professionals Planning to Retire?

Hey TPs:

If you are planning to request your 4 years before retirement with increased pay in the summer, the deadline is Tuesday 11/1. If you make this declaration, you do not have to retire at the end of four years. But once you declare your four years you can’t revoke it. I’ll paste the contract language below. It includes the process for notifying your chair, dean and provost.


Elaine, this will not lock you into retiring in 4 years: correct. You do not notify HR on this, but you do notify your chair, dean and provost. You can’t suspend the four years once you declare it.

I’ll paste the language below.


21.10 Summer Session Salaries for Teaching Professionals . . .

The summer session assignments for faculty who have declared their last four years before retirement as specified in 23.08.C.7 in this Agreement, shall be compensated at 90% of the Teaching Professional’s monthly salary rate (base full-time annual salary divided by nine months). This declaration must be made in writing by November 1 to the Department Chair, the Dean, and the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs. This declaration can be made only once and cannot be cancelled once started. Summer session assignments for a Teaching Professional who has exhausted the four years of 90% compensation shall be returned to 75% of the Teaching Professional’s monthly salary rate for any other summer session assignments.