MUST DO: UPI Membership Meeting, Tuesday 11/15 BBH 101 3:00-4:30

UPI – we have alot to talk about with plans for going forward as a university and union.

Please be at this Membership Meeting, Tuesday 11/15, BBH 101, 3:00-4:30 and reach out to your departments and offices and encourage attendance.

We will have updates on going forward toward a budget and a special project to participate in is brewing! More soon as we get it together for that. The MAP card project will continue and we are doing wonderfully with it so far.

For today and this weekend, I have a special ask: could you reach out to your chairs and others if you have another meeting and reschedule to make the Membership Meeting? This is an important gathering for us, and a chair reached out to me and let me know she was rescheduling a department meeting so her UPI folks could make this Tuesday with us.

That is much appreciated and I appreciate you forwarding this request as well.

Thanks and all the best,