Upcoming Actions

Hi Everybody,
You might see this message in a few places, and I apologize for redundancy. If you could help me spread the word for a major event one week from tomorrow, though, that would be great.

Through the UPI, Paul Lempke and I have been working with a coalition of organizations that include Fight For 15, Black Lives Matter, immigrant rights’ groups, and others. The coalition is fighting for four things: a living wage for all, accessible and funded higher education and social services, racial justice, and immigrant rights.

On 11/29, this group is holding a national forum to speak to our recently elected candidates to demand a progressive future, and Chicago is holding three main events. At 6 am, there will be a show of support for striking fast food workers at the McDonald’s at 1961 N. Western. At 9 am, there will a group gathering to support striking healthcare workers at Northwestern Memorial Medical Center at Chicago Ave. and Fairbanks. And, finally, at 11:30, over 20 groups interested in issues of social justice will gather at O’Hare Airport to support living wages for airline workers and justice and opportunity for all workers, students, and working class people.

As of now, approximately 600 are scheduled to show up at 6 am and 9 am, with almost 2000 scheduled to be at O’Hare at 11:30. Some are planning acts of civil disobedience to bring attention to the linked causes.

NEIU is an important part of this coalition, and we have promised to get out as many as possible for all three of these events on 11/29, but we are looking especially at the O’Hare rally to make a statement about education and about our general refusal to accept anything but a progressive agenda from local and national leaders.

Can you come to one or more of the events on 11/29? Can you share the attached flyer with students and let them know about this event?
The attached flyer indicates how you can sign up for any or all of the events on 11/29, and you can also email me if you are interested.

Showing up in large numbers and representing NEIU on 11/29 (and other days) will show our commitment as a campus to a progressive future. It will affirm our recognition that workers, students, teachers, people of color, lgbtq people, immigrants, women, and others need to work together to resist those who do not support opportunities for everyone living in this country.

Sorry for the long message, and let me know if you have questions or need information.
Tim Barnett