National Day of Action Tomorrow

Hi Everybody,
Don’t forget tomorrow’s National Day of Action, which is taking place in 34 states and also includes local demands and issues (in Illinois, for example, the budget is one of those issues).

I am convinced we need to work with other groups if we are to influence Springfield–and, now, of course, Washington. It also serves us to support groups like Fight for $15, as our students or potential students are often fast food workers and others making the minimum wage. I met one of our students last week, in fact, at the press conference announcing the airline strike; she spoke for the airline workers and works closely with Audrey Natcone at NEIU. I also met a graduate of NEIU who had nothing but good things to say about us, especially the Political Science Department.

Tomorrow’s agenda includes the following:
6 am: McDonald’s at 2005 Chicago Ave (note that this address has changed from last week and there will be a large press conference at this event, so if we show up early, we can make a case for higher ed.)

9:30 am: Northwestern Memorial Hospital (Chicago and Fairbanks)

11:30: O’Hare–this is the big one and this is where we would love to have LOTS of folks in green representing NEIU and public higher ed. The plan is to take the blue line out, since there are many buses full of activists heading that way, and driving/parking might be tricky. Airline workers will be on strike, and the last count I heard was that there will be roughly 2000 people protesting for living wages, racial justice, immigrant rights, and a fully funded budget for higher education and social services.

We have been getting excellent publicity when we have gone to rallies and meetings in the past (inevitably people thank us for being a part of things and ask about attending NEIU). In addition, the more we show up for these diverse struggles, the more these large groups of well-organized people will help with ours.

I can try to help with transportation from campus to the Jefferson blue line or other needs. Just let me know. Tim