The work of the NEIU mission beyond campus

Dear UPI – there are two pieces in the news I want to call your attention to.

First, the nationwide actions for the Fight for $15 were very successful yesterday. UPI was out in support from before sun-up and until the end of the rally at O’Hare. Take note of how this article from the New York Times presents the expanding (and not simply left or right) orientation of the movement, and read the whole article at . . .

Now, four years into their crusade, the movement’s leaders are signaling a determination to expand their reach beyond the urban working poor, who were among the chief beneficiaries of their earlier efforts. Among their new targets: working-class Americans frustrated by an economy that is no longer producing the middle-class jobs they or their parents once held.

Many of these workers voted for Donald J. Trump.

Second, our thanks go out to Interim President Helldobler for being among the first round of university presidents who signed a letter urging the president-elect to speak out against hate. This is an important message and lets our students, staff, and faculty know we are ready to move forward together thoughtfully and effectively.
In unity,