BE THERE TOMORROW Th 1/26 @ 3:00 (Check Out the Agenda): Membership Meeting BBH 101

Hey all – please be there tomorrow and bring a couple of buddies for deliberation and to hear some important UPI information.

Membership Meeting, Thursday, January 26, 3:00-4:00, in BBH 101.

  • Craig Duetsch, Asst VP Business Services at 3:05 SHARP will present and take questions on the Traditional Retirement Plan and the Furlough Days “buy-back” option
  • After Craig leaves us, the Membership meeting will convene with presentations on AFT’s New Instructor Caucus, Grievance, Legislative and Budget Issues, vacant positions of leadership and the area rep structure, contractual benefits like excellence awards and how to apply for them, next steps for chapter and state political mobilization

In solidarity!