Membership Meeting Tues 2/21 @ 3:00 in BBH 101 on Cost-Saving

Dear UPI:

Please mark your calendars and be there for the UPI Membership Meeting, Tuesday, 2/21 @ 3:00. The main topic of discussion will be cost-saving plans–and note that I am writing “cost” not simply “salary-savings.” Our plan is to discuss and think through various scenarios and options including withholding our labor.

We are also having special elections to fill vacancies on the NEIU/UPI Executive Board. The elections committee, chaired by Terry Schuepfer, will discuss the positions with you and kick-off the process.

We’ve got activities on the horizon too for the rest of this month and into March. Stay tuned!!

And let me shout out a big thank you to members of the Executive Board and to all members who came out for training and the NO-Furlough All-Unions Mixer last Friday! Good times folks and we learned tons from CTU’s Marty Ritter and UPI’s Nanette Potee!!