UPI Proclaims Feb 15 to March 15 University Month at NEIU – academics/activism/arts

Check out the month of events starting tomorrow morning with the Economic Inequality Initiative’s Deliberative Dialogue Model on “Divided by Difference: How We Should Address a Changing America” at 9:00 am in Alumni Hall.

Then make sure you are at all of the March 2 University Day events featuring a keynote presentation by Ralph Martire on “How the Harm to Public Higher Education Hurts All of Illinois” at 1:30 pm in Alumni Hall.

The other events? These are just a smattering of the fantastic things our colleagues and students are doing this month. Be there for these and put energy into your own arts and academics and activism too.

Always, always: remember what we are fighting for when we work to protect NEIU and make sure we all thrive together as a university.

Here’s the list of events.

In solidarity!