MUST DO TOMORROW: UPI Membership Meeting, Tues 2/21 @ 3:00 in BBH 101

We hope to see everyone at the UPI Membership Meeting tomorrow in BBH 101 at 3:00. The most important item for discussion will be possible responses to the threat of furloughs. Here’s the entire agenda.

Welcome to All and Our New Field Service Director from IFT – Robert Vodicka

John Miller – UPI 4100 President: The Challenges for Higher Ed in Illinois and How We Can Win Together

Terry Schuepfer, Audrey Natcone and Stacy Goguen – Special Elections for NEIU/UPI Executive Board Vacancies

  • Area Representative Structure
  • Ad Hoc Committee for Student and Community Outreach

Tim Barnett and Sophia Mihic – The Schedule of Possible Replies to the Threat of New Furloughs

  • Discussion

Lisa Wallis and Nanette Potee – University Day Events and the Conversation Project

  • Talking to members and turning out participation


Be there and bring students to University Day 3/2 Events and Keynote by Ralph Martire, “Higher Education: Collateral Damage in the Budget Battle”

Interim President Helldobler’s State of the University Address, Thursday 2/23, 3:05-4:05, Auditorium