MUST DO: Area Representatives for Depts and Programs

At the last membership meeting, we began working on reinvigorating the Area Representative structure for UPI.

First question: do you know who your rep is in your department or program?

Can you have them write and confirm name and on-campus and off-campus emails? Or, should you gather and determine a new rep? Please do so! And email this information to me at and Lisa Wallis at so we can update who is designated to organize and share information with your people.

In some departments, there are “representative clusters”: one person is the designated rep with buddies who help or there are co-reps. That may work better for some programs.

Please let us know your plans!

Thanks to those who have already contacted us, and thanks to all of the members who have been doing great service to the union as area representatives.

In solidarity,


P.S. see you all Thursday, 3/9 in BBH 101 for the next special session Membership Meeting.