Fwd: Self Nominations for Faculty Governance close 3/26

Dear UPI – I know it is frustrating that many of our brothers and sisters who work on campus and in our union are not able to serve on these committees. I want to let each of you know how very much your work is recognized by your colleagues in the union. Your professionalism, creativity, smarts and passion are greatly appreciated.

For those of us who can apply, these positions are extremely important and you need to serve now more than ever. We can have discussions about the movement forward of our university, but the actual decisions governing our lives and livelihoods are made on these committees.

We need people to step up and consider positions open here. I especially want to give a shout out to those who are tenured and most privileged. If you have been cycling out of service to create and do research, now is an important time to cycle back in and help shape the future of NEIU.

In solidarity and with awe at how wonderful you all are each as individuals and together as a university,

Self-nominate on the Google Form