Furlough Negotiations and Survey Report

Dear Colleagues:

The administration and NEIU/UPI negotiation teams have met on 2/15, 2/20, 3/1, 3/8, 3/15 on 3/17. The imposed furloughs begin tomorrow and we have not negotiated an agreement regarding them. Both sides left the table today offering possible dates for our next meeting and negotiations will continue over break. I’m sorry to not have more certain news to provide at this time.

We do have the results of our survey for you to consider as we are moving forward. I am attaching the tables and comments as a pdf. Please look at the whole document after considering these select points from the responses:

78% agree or strongly agree that “UPI should bargain a plan with a graduated impact on members; those who earn less money should sacrifice a smaller portion of their total pay.”

70% agree or strongly agree that “UPI should bargain a plan that needs to protect those soon to retire, because lowered income disproportionately impacts their retirement income.”

88% agree or strongly agree that “if we take furloughs, some must be on teaching days so students and their families recognize how the budget crisis affects instruction.”

87% agree or strongly agree that “UPI should bargain a plan with provisions for paying back members who sacrifice pay through furloughs to keep the university open.”

Thanks for the support of our efforts yesterday at the press conference and with other events and pedagogies over the semester thus far.

If you need me over break, please use my off-campus email address: sjmihic@gmail.com

In solidarity,