INSTRUCTORS: Senior Instructor Applications: See the CBA and Your I-DAC

Dear Instructors:

The criteria for Senior Instructors is in the CBA and your department/program’s Instructor-Departmental Application of Criteria.

I’ll paste the contract language below. Here’s the main point: you need to have 11 years of service at 100% employment beyond satisfactory engagement, but the 11 years at 100% do not have to be continuous. Think about what you do that’s special. Research or pedagogies that stand out? Etc.

After you read through this language, look at your I-DAC. If you don’t have a copy ask your Chair and the DPC Chair for a copy. The department’s criteria for the Senior Instructor designation will be there.

Next steps? What you need to do should be clear in your I-DAC. If you have questions, please contact your department chair or program coordinator and talk to the chair of your I-DPC.

If you still have questions, please email me and we’ll talk about your application.


31.02 F Senior Instructor

An Instructor is eligible to apply for Senior Instructor status after having: completed at least 11 years at 100% and demonstrated commitment
to the University beyond the criterion of satisfactory. The Instructor Application of Criteria shall address the criteria for the designation of Senior Instructor. Criteria could include but are not limited to exceptional teaching and unassigned research and service. Evidence could include, but is not limited to: receiving a Faculty Excellence Award; having demonstrated innovated teaching strategies; new course design; etc.

Applications for Senior Instructor will be evaluated in the spring IDPC meetings. IDPC recommendations are forwarded to the Department Chair for review, and then submitted to Academic Affairs for approval.

When an Instructor is accorded Senior Instructor status, s/he will receive a monetary award (See Article 21.17). The award will be made effective the beginning of the next academic year.

The IDPC criteria will be determined by the end of the fall term 2015, and initial Senior Instructor applications may begin spring 2016.