Agreement Approved

The Tentative Agreement between NEIU/UPI 4100 and the NEIU Administration has been approved by 87.6% of the vote. We now have days of action and pedagogical issues on the horizon.

UPI services will not be provided on Tuesday 4/11, Wednesday 4/12 and Monday 5/1. We will have collective action events on each of these days to communicate our situation to the public and to our leaders downstate. All classes and work on campus will be canceled. Without us, the university is effectively closed. April 27 will be a university- and state-wide Teach-Out/Teach-In Day of Action with special activities planned–including a field trip to Springfield to tell our story in the State Capitol.

Our students need to know what we are doing and why we are doing it. Please take a few minutes at the beginning of class to update them.

Today, please announce in class and on D2L that classes will be cancelled on 4/11, 4/12 and 5/1, and make arrangements to adjust and cut the content covered in your courses. April 11 and 12 were chosen so T/H and M/W(/F) classes are only hit once each next week. We can once again use D2L to report and record our grades.

Please tell your students NEIU will be open this summer and next fall and encourage them to register for classes as soon as possible.

Please also tell them that everyone in our union is sacrificing pay to make sure the university is funded in the absence of a state appropriation.

Depending on work group and salary, we are losing between 6 and 8 days of the salary we had expected. Our students should know too that the impact is graduated so those who earn more sacrifice more. Some of this lost salary will be paid back over the next months, but some of it will not be reimbursed. We are giving up this money because we are committed to our students and we hope they will join us as we announce ways to respond to the budget crisis in Illinois. Tell them more information will be announced this week.

Thank you to everyone for the support, criticism and other input over the past weeks.

Onward all: we have a mobilization to get moving and to act on!