BE THERE TOMORROW : All Are Invited to an NEIU/UPI Meeting Th 4/6 @ 3:00

Dear UPI:

This is an invitation to organize and to read. The ratified and signed agreement we just voted on is attached. Please review it and remember that payback beyond 3 days is contingent on state appropriation. Remember that to get money for us and for the university–even a stopgap–we have to mobilize. So . . . !

Please join us and get to work on mobilizing tomorrow, Th 4/6 LWH 3081 3:00-4:30. Please also circulate widely to other unions and your chairs and be there yourself.

We are opening up a regularly scheduled NEIU/UPI Executive Board Meeting tomorrow at 3:00 to organize and make a political impact on our furlough days 4/11, 4/12, 5/1 and for the Teach-Out on 4/27. Tomorrow focus on planning for 4/11 and 4/12.