GET THE WORD OUT TO STUDENTS: classes and all UPI services canceled T-4/11, W-4/12 and M-5/1

UPI – we need to get the word out to students that all classes and UPI services are cancelled. Please use today, Saturday and Monday to communicate in class–and by email and/or D2L!–that classes are canceled.

Provost Román-Lagunas sent an email to students announcing the class cancellations when Vice Provost McKernin emailed all of us with the announcement. Communication is tricky though. And even some of our fellow UPI members are confused. Sorry about that: class cancellation is not optional. We’re cancelled

Please rearrange your classes to be lenient rather than more strict: do not make due dates earlier but instead advance them beyond the days off. I’ve been asked by the provost to remind you to be considerate in this way.

And we want our students’ help next week! We’re doing this for them and we want them with us!!