Bus sign-up and some questions on the 4/27 Teach-Out day in Springfield

Remember that we need to register our students and ourselves for the trip to Springfield!. Here’s the language of the agreement on 4/27:

Thursday 04/27/17 will be a teach-out/teach-in day of action; all members of the University will be encouraged to address the budget concerns during their normal work duties on this day (emphasis added).” Some of us will do that on campus and some will teach-out in Springfield.

Please sign-up asap if you are planning to take the bus!


Questions that have come up?

  • Departure at 7:30 am from school and then departure from Springfield at 3:00 will get us back to NEIU at 7:00 pm. Think about starting Thursday night seminars at 8:00 in case traffic is bad and you get back late.
  • What to do on 4/27? If you don’t go to Springfield to Teach Out, you are still teaching and should teach something on the budget crisis. If you do go, have an at school or online etc. assignment for students who can’t commit to the 12 hour trip.
  • Please do not schedule exams or other due dates on 4/27 Some people are doing heroic work to switch things around and make sure students can go on this trip. Give make-up exams if you have to. THANKS!!!
  • The buses are not ADA accessible, but please contact Sophia Mihic at s-mihic@neiu.edu if you need accommodation and can drive or train down. UPI will reimburse you for travel costs if we know in advance and can budget.
  • Yes, you can bring your children and friends and family members. But please sign up each person if they are riding the bus.