IMPORTANT: Teacher sign up and instructions for the Teach Out in Springfield

We have a message below from the UPI 4100 Legislative Committee Chair, our very own Nanette Potee.

We need teachers for the Teach-In! We aren’t lobbying but really taking what we do to Springfield.

The agenda for 4/27 and the instructions for how to be “a teacher” at this event are attached.

Here’s the link if you can take up this job

Read on and please do this!

Hello everyone,

We are in need of many, many teachers for the 27th. Ostensibly, 100+ per session and there are 4 sessions…so you do the math. People are encouraged to sign up for more than one session and are welcome to teach all 4 if you can.

I have attached the final TeachOut instruction document and the day’s agenda.

More importantly, at this point, is the link to share with all of your connections, as anyone can be a teacher: students, parents, faculty, community partners, etc. Each of you on this list is encouraged to post this to all available participants. As people sign up I will be able to track our numbers. We will also more than likely have to recruit people on the busses as we travel on Th.

The sooner we can get commitments the better.

Thank you!
Nanette Potee
UPI Local 4100