THANK YOU NEIU: The Teach Out 4/27 in Springfield was Fabulous!

Dear NEIU:

Thanks to everyone–whether you got on the bus or stayed on campus–for making the Teach Out in Springfield a success. Teamwork between AFSCME and UPI with help from student organizations and SGA members got us up early and on the buses.

Big thanks to the clean-up crew who stayed behind and put away breakfast as well as the folks getting the buses loaded with snacks before we left.

Thanks to everyone who taught about the budget crisis in their classes here on campus, to those who made their assignments work to accommodate the trip, and to the university’s administration for recognizing the importance of co-curricular learning experiences in their support of the trip to Springfield.

Delighted thanks to the campus bookstore for running a sale on t-shirts in support of 4/27. Was that the sweetest action ever or what? Check out some of that Northeastern wear below.

Thanks to UPI 4100 President John Miller and all members of the Local for conceiving of and making this event happen.

And lastly, biggest thanks to the bus captains who got us all to Springfield and back again: Tim Barnett, Jon Hageman, Paul Lempke, Nanette Potee, Melinda Storie and Lisa Wallis.