May 1 Furlough Day – 9:30 am gather, renew and recharge, join the May Day March

MONDAY May 1: please circulate to your students and invite your chairs and all co-workers.

UPI will gather on the east lawn of the campus on St. Louis at 9:30 am with brunch and and to pick up our signs and march at 11:00. Bring your noise makers and make a sign to carry!

Our celebration of solidarity and our resolve will include a Maypole because we are going to dance in the face of the ridiculousness that has gripped our state, and then we will march to the Brown line and travel to Union Park to join the citywide May Day March.

The march downtown will move from Union Park at 2:00 pm and head downtown to a Chicago Federation of Labor-led rally.

Why are we still at it? Read the attached report from Inside Higher Education sent by UPI Instructor Greg Jackson. Chicago is bringing down the whole country on higher ed spending and we need to change that!

State support for higher education increased in 2016, not counting Illinois

Submitted by Rick Seltzer on April 20, 2017 ­ 3:00am

It’s impossible to examine state higher education finances in 2016 without separating the collapse in Illinois from a more nuanced picture across the rest of the country.

State and local support for higher education in Illinois plunged as the state’s lawmakers and governor were unable to reach a budget agreement and instead passed severely pared­down stopgap funding. Educational appropriations per full­time equivalent student in the state skidded 80 percent year over year, from $10,986 to $2,196. Enrollment in public institutions dropped by 11 percent, or 46,000 students…