Pep Talk and Plan of Action: NEIU/UPI Strategies for Responding to the the Crisis Presented Yesterday

UPI – I’m writing with a pep talk and to start outlining strategies as we respond to the budget crisis presented yesterday in President Helldobler’s Town Hall.

First take a breath, grade or think about your accomplishments advising and recruiting, and think about what we have done thus far. We have NEIU and higher ed in the news and that is the outcome of work we have done together with groups across campus and across Chicago and Illinois. People don’t say “I didn’t know there was a problem” like they did last year. Now they ask: “are you guys okay at Northeastern?” In the video report on May Day at WTTW, they mention we were on furlough on 5/1. We are a problem that isn’t being ignored now. Excellent and we have to keep that going.

Yes, we are going to have to be highly mobilized over the summer to get a budget. It’s a challenge but we can do it. Read through the coverage of the Teach Out on 4/27 below and know we accounted for the numbers bringing over 300 students, faculty and staff from NEIU to the capital. We have made this a statewide problem and that’s what we need to do to move the legislature.

Second, have a sound-bite ready at commencement in case you are interviewed. How is the crisis at NEIU hurting your ability to serve students and your own lives and families? (Several of our students were interviewed last week and there will be continuing investigation of our situation.)

Third, let’s all gather after graduation and touch base at Jak’s Tap 901 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60607. Not the best place in town–but not bad!–and it’s easy walking distance from commencement.


April 27, 2017

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