Thanks and Next Steps Planning Session Noon, Wed June 7 FA 207

First, we want to thank everyone who came out for a short notice Membership Meeting last Friday. We discussed the next steps UPI will take to counter the ongoing budget crisis and to support our brothers and sisters in AFSCME who are facing the threat of layoffs.

We are planning responses to the budget standoff, which will be aimed toward getting stop gap funding for the university before the end of the fiscal year. Remember, the layoffs could be put on “pause” if we receive funding.

Please join us this Wednesday, 6/7, at noon in FA 207 to begin work on art and logistics . . . .

To hang a budget now banner off of El Centro
To redecorate the windows of the Classroom Blg (aka LWH) to get our message out to protect NEIU
To prep and plan for a rally/happening on June 21: Sunup to Sundown on the Solstice we will say not to Bruce Rauner’s failure to govern the state
And, I’m still interested in the bike NEIU idea . . . curious? Please join us Wednesday.

The consensus of the room was that we should communicate to the administration that we will be looking for sacrifice from upper administration, and that message was communicated before the end of the day Friday.