SAVE THE DATE AND HEADS UP: membership meeting TH 7/13 at noon and better news from Springfield

Hey Folks – we are not out of the woods yet–we still need the Senate to act on the revenue bill passed by the House and a veto override of Rauner–but we are closer to having a state budget and Higher Ed appropriation than we have been for two years.

We’ve got some campus politics issues too that we will need to deliberate. Please mark your calendars and save the date for a UPI Membership Meeting, Thursday 7/13 at noon. (Location TBA.)

Here’s the article from the Tribune on the vote yesterday:

And we aren’t going to boast too much yet, but our politicization (IN THE SUMMER!!?) will have to get part of the thanks on this legislative movement when we are through this and have an appropriation. Check out the report on the (first ever to not be dispersed) March on Rauner in Winnetka a week ago.

If the drama in Springfield drags on beyond the end of the week, there is going to be canvassing in DeKalb around NIU that we have been asked to join Saturday. Stay tuned!

One thing supporting the passage of the revenue bill last night is that Norinne Hammond representing Macomb and WIU, Reggie Phillips representing Charleston and EIU, and Robert Pritchard representing DeKalb and NIU voted for their universities and communities. That’s a sign of how important UPI’s work has been–and UPI’s work is you!

In solidarity,