Congrats, Thanks and Onward: Illinois State Budget 2017

Dear UPI – this is a time of celebration and thanks!

Through our solidarity and hard work, we have a state budget. We phoned and lobbied, got on the bus and to the State House, marched on Rauner, mobilized our students, and we did a fantastic job teaching and learning through all of this stress.

First and foremost thanks go to the membership and to our sisters and brothers in AFSCME. I loved seeing different people out at different events and keeping up with the broad mobilization we accomplished this year. Union leadership is the membership and you have all been stellar.

Thanks to our new NEIU/UPI 4100 Executive Board members who joined elected leadership in a time of crisis and made sure they were at rallies and events–including helping UIS while on they were on strike.

I especially want to thank the members of the Executive Board who have served since Fall 2015 and accomplished incredible things organizing the union’s events and formulating strategy: Vice President Tim Barnett, Treasurer Lisa Wallis, Secretary Paul Lempke, Grievance Officer Cyndi Moran, COE TP Constituency Rep Mark Melton, COBM TP Constituency Rep Richard Kilpatrick, At-Large TP Constituency Rep Nancy Matthews, Instructor’s Constituency Rep Richard Grossman, At-Large Instructor’s Constituency Rep Jean Hemzacek, ASP Constituency Rep Linda Davis, and Communications Committee Co-Chairs Katy Smith and Elizabeth Villarreal,

Thanks also to Legislative/Mobilization Committee Chair Nanette Potee, UPI 4100 Trustee/Audit Committee Board member for NEIU Chuck Steinwedel, Local Vice President Steve Frankel who graciously never left the chapter’s board, and to Terry Schuepfer for her constant support and insight.

What’s next with the new budget? We’re not exactly sure but we know we are in a much better place financially than we were a week ago. I hope to see as many of you as possible at the Membership Meeting Thursday, 7/13, Noon in Golden Eagles, and hope to know more about our next steps forward then.

In solidarity,