Quick Points from the UPI Membership Meeting Last Week

From the membership meeting last week, we have two heads up on contractual issues. There’s a wonderful full rundown of the meeting on the off-campus list by Nancy Matthews. Check it out!

Our primary next steps are supporting an end to the lay-offs on campus now that we have a budget, and there will be canvassing organized by Tim Barnett in coalition with our labor partners in the city and state. The idea is to further the win for Illinois and state workers marked by the bipartisan votes on the budget. More soon on that!

For now, Instructors: please pay attention to your workload assignment. Remember that assignments are made on the basis of the re-employment rosters. If you have any questions at all on assignments, please contact our Grievance Officer Cyndi Moran at C-Moran1@neiu.edu.

Second, with the appropriations for this year, last year and the restoration of MAP we will be repaid 5 of our Spring 2017 furlough days.

Furlough Payback for 5 Days Over Negotiated Schedule

Part-time Instructors (less than 100%) by Sept 30, 2017
Full-time (100%) Instructors, ASPs, ARPs by December 30, 2017
Non-tenured TPs and RPs by June 30, 2018
Tenured TPs and RPs by June 30 2019

At this time we don’t know if repayment will be lump sum or spread out over time. We will let you know as soon as we know.