Labor Day Activism!

Hi Everyone,
On Labor Day, Monday, September 4 from 9 am-12, activists will gather at the Thompson Center in downtown Chicago for a massive rally demanding a middle/working class agenda that includes the right to unionize, the right to a public education, fair taxation, and more. Let’s join this group in green and show the commitment of NEIU and the UPI to Chicago, to our students, and to a better country.

Below is a list of digital things to do right now for the event. Can you like the Facebook page, follow on Twitter, and/or join the Thunderclap? When I first saw this information, I was a little thrown, but just click on the links below and it will only take a few seconds to make an impact right now.

As a side note, who is a social media guru who can help the UPI have a stronger digital presence? We need help there!
Thanks, Tim


Join the fight for 15 Thunderclap:

-Announce that your org is joining the labor day actions! Here is some suggested language for FB/twitter. Graphics to use for announcement are directly attached to this email:

*America. Needs. Unions. Join the workers #Fightfor15 going on strike to fight on Labor Day! #Union [topline_rsvp]

On Labor Day, Chicago #WorkersStrikeBack in the #FightFor15 and a #union! We will take the streets with them! [Announcement]

We need unions more than ever. That’s why we’re with workers in the #FightFor15 & a #union 7#WorkersStrikeBack [Rigged Econ]

-Share this breaking post: /status/900776326050725888


Please share event page with your networks.

Please add the event to your page:
Go to the event page. Click on “More” then “Add to page” and pick your organizational page.