Campus Equity Week–We Need Help!

Lydia Snow is organizing a few events for Campus Equity Week, a week dedicated to the exploitation of full- and part-time instructors (read more about it here:

While many of us are (rightly) focused on the current plight of the university and how it is affecting us personally. I think it’s worth considering how much our current economic disaster is related to the long-term, structural denigration of university life–which is represented no more clearly than by the way adjuncts and instructors have been treated for far too many years.

An overhaul is needed at every level, and we need to support instruction at this university (the majority of which is done by non-tenure track faculty) by volunteering on Tuesday, October 24 (activity hour), Thursday, October 26 (activity hour), Monday, October 30 (12-2), or Tuesday, Oct. 31 anytime. We need people to plan and to help out and to simply be present as we decide how NEIU will participate in this important week. I’ll be taking part; who else can help out? Tim