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Solstice Solidarity Picnic, June 21, noon-2:00 LWH Portico (South Side of the Blg.)

UPI – bring kids and be there for the Solstice Solidarity Picnic. UPI is treating AFSCME and the rest of the university community. We have a good base of food building up and will very much appreciate you adding a dish to the table if you can.

Solstice Solidarity Potluck, June 21, Noon-2:00 LWH Portico

Most important though? Bring yourself and be there for our fellow university members–especially in Civil Service–who need our support!

In class then? Bring students out with you!!

Join us Tomorrow at 1:00 and SAVE THE DATE FOR ACTIONS June 21

Hey UPI – we have the NEIUnited Coalition together and working on actions to get STOP GAP and save Higher Ed in Illinois.

TOMORROW, Friday 6/9 at 1:00 FA 206
we’ll be working on info leaflets and signs
(and the banner idea has some legs too)
Please join us!

SAVE THE DATE and BE THERE: Wednesday, 6/21
7:00 am in Regalia or an NEIU T-Shirt, leafletting at the Winnetka Metro Station
Just a short walk, which we will be marching, to the Rauner homestead

4:00 pm NEIU Workers–is it a potluck or is it a soup line–here on campus
UPI will host our colleagues from across campus and we are getting out the lawn sports games too!

Hope to see folks tomorrow and thanks to everyone for the support thus far!


Thanks and Next Steps Planning Session Noon, Wed June 7 FA 207

First, we want to thank everyone who came out for a short notice Membership Meeting last Friday. We discussed the next steps UPI will take to counter the ongoing budget crisis and to support our brothers and sisters in AFSCME who are facing the threat of layoffs.

We are planning responses to the budget standoff, which will be aimed toward getting stop gap funding for the university before the end of the fiscal year. Remember, the layoffs could be put on “pause” if we receive funding.

Please join us this Wednesday, 6/7, at noon in FA 207 to begin work on art and logistics . . . .

To hang a budget now banner off of El Centro
To redecorate the windows of the Classroom Blg (aka LWH) to get our message out to protect NEIU
To prep and plan for a rally/happening on June 21: Sunup to Sundown on the Solstice we will say not to Bruce Rauner’s failure to govern the state
And, I’m still interested in the bike NEIU idea . . . curious? Please join us Wednesday.

The consensus of the room was that we should communicate to the administration that we will be looking for sacrifice from upper administration, and that message was communicated before the end of the day Friday.

SAVE THE DATE – UPI Membership Meeting Fri 6/2 at Noon

Hey all – hope to see you next week for a UPI membership meeting at noon Friday, 6/2 Location TBA. While we are not suffering layoffs as the Administrators and Professionals and our Civil Service brothers and sisters in AFSCME are, we will need to discuss how UPI will be affected if there is no budget appropriation.

For this meeting we will not invite chairs, but we will invite them again later this summer for another discussion.

Budget Update 5-24-17

n the email below, Interim President Helldobler announces an office hour today to discuss the budget crisis and the university’s response to it. I strongly suggest that as many of us as possible attend this morning at 11:00 in the Cafeteria.

The email notes that the administration is working with leaders of the advisory panels in shared governance. I want to remind everyone that there are contractual issues at stake in the changes suggested below–for us and for other unions on campus–and thus want to remind everyone that many possible changes in the university’s structure will have to be negotiated with representative bodies that are not merely advisory.


TO: Faculty and Staff

FROM: Richard J. Helldobler, Interim President

DATE: May 24, 2017

RE: Budget Update 5-24-17

I am determined that Northeastern Illinois University will continue as a strong, vibrant, excellent University. To that end, as I mentioned during the most recent community gatherings to discuss our budget situation, the University will be taking the necessary steps to close a multi-million dollar shortfall that is the result of a nearly two-year-old state budget impasse. We have waited as long as we can. Without adequate state funding, it has now come down to this. We have no choice but to undergo a painful process that will require layoffs of A&P and Civil Service employees, continued furloughs, outsourcing of services where possible and a reorganization of departments.

Members of the Executive Council — along with the chairs of the Faculty Senate, University Advisory Council and the University Planning & Budgeting Council — are in the midst of discussing how and when we implement these measures. While we don’t have exact numbers to share regarding layoffs, we plan to announce them within the next seven to 10 business days. The Northeastern we see now at the start of the summer will not be the same Northeastern we see at the end of the summer. And we will continue to evolve even after that; as we continue Forward 150 this fall, we will pick up work through a thoughtful process that will transform us into a leaner institution in light of unreliable state funding.

What this means is that some will be laid off. It means that some might report to a new supervisor. It means that some might have to expand our individual work responsibilities. It also means that we will have to continue to make sacrifices in the form of continued furloughs. It means all of these things, and I hate it.

I expect that many of you will have questions about this. Continuing my commitment to be as open and accessible to you as possible, I will host an impromptu Open Office Hour tomorrow morning at 11 a.m. in the Cafeteria of the Main Campus. This informal gathering is an opportunity for any Northeastern employee who wishes to attend our meeting to ask me a question regarding the budget, layoffs, or any other related matter. I will do my best to answer all of them during that hour.

Thank you.

Fwd: Pension Hearing in the House 5/19 from State Rep. Rob Martwick’s Capitol Update

Terry S has forwarded the hearing on the pension bill yesterday from Rep. Rob Martwick. Although it was on Facebook live, you can access by clicking here.


State Rep. Rob Martwick
Capitol Update
News From Rob
Capitol Update for May 19

This week’s Capitol Update videos, originally on Facebook Live, feature an important debate over pension reform that the committee I chair, the House Personnel and Pensions Committee, had this week. Click on the images below to go to the Facebook Live video of the extensive debate over the bill as we work toward the scheduled May 31 end of our spring session.

With Warmest Regards,

Rob Martwick

Capitol Update for May 19

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We are here to serve you. Contact us here and tell us how we can serve you.

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Chicago, IL 60646


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TIME SHIFTED 5/11, 1:15 to 2:30, BBH 101: Emergency UPI Meeting to Discuss the Budget and Potential Reorganization Matters

UPI is having a meeting for members and we are inviting all department chairs

Thursday 5/11, 1:15 to 2:30. We will meet in BBH 101. We need to discuss as a union the budget and the reorganization possibilities that could eliminate department chairs.

PLEASE NOTE THE TIME CHANGE!! We have shifted the time of the meeting to accommodate chairs who are invited to another meeting running for one hour starting at noon.

All, reach out to your chairs and invite them to this discussion. I will also email them directly but it will be good for them to know that we support them and want to have them join us for this discussion.

SAVE THE DATE AND TIME 5/11 noon to 2:00: Emergency UPI Meeting to Discuss Reorg of Our Chairs

Hey all,

Please save the date and time of Thursday 5/11, noon to 2:00. Location TBA. We need to discuss as a union the budget and the reorganization discussions that might eliminate department chairs.

After graduation today, stop by and let’s touch base at Jak’s Tap 901 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60607. Not the best place in town–but not bad!–and it’s easy walking distance from commencement.


MUST DO TOMORROW – May Day Activities On and Around the NEIU Campus!

Monday, May 1 is May Day and all members and allies of the furloughed NEIU community are invited to join in!

7:30 am
Begin the day with NEIU signs and shirts in support of CTU and our K-12 Allies in CPS.
may Day March walk-in at Mather High School, 5835 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago IL 60659

9:30 am
NEIU Furloughed and Dancing Back!
Brunch and a Maypole dance under the LWH East portico, Maypole on the east lawn along St. Louis. Be there for this and make it our last fu day and last hurrah! We need funding and to stop this craziness, get back to teaching and teach the future of Illinois

11:00 am
March to the Brown Line and the May Day March at Union Park
Bring your signs and let’s get ready to kick up some support of the diverse community at NEIU and throughout our city. No wall, no deportations and full state funding for higher education and all public education in Illinois.

1:00 pm
Rally for Immigration Justice – May 1 / 1 de Mayo March Begins in Union Park at 2:00 pm, Washington and Ashland
It’s time to join our city NEIU and March for racial justice, labor, immigrant rights, gender equality, disability rights, education and to send a big fat no to anyone who would attack these precious dimensions of the American experience. NEIU/UPI is a member and sponsor of the May Day Coalition. For more information and statement go to

Labor and Movement Rally
The Chicago Federation of Labor is hosting this culminating rally downtown with speakers from around the city. In solidarity and see you at Daley Plaza, corner of Washington and Dearborn

May 1 Furlough Day – 9:30 am gather, renew and recharge, join the May Day March

MONDAY May 1: please circulate to your students and invite your chairs and all co-workers.

UPI will gather on the east lawn of the campus on St. Louis at 9:30 am with brunch and and to pick up our signs and march at 11:00. Bring your noise makers and make a sign to carry!

Our celebration of solidarity and our resolve will include a Maypole because we are going to dance in the face of the ridiculousness that has gripped our state, and then we will march to the Brown line and travel to Union Park to join the citywide May Day March.

The march downtown will move from Union Park at 2:00 pm and head downtown to a Chicago Federation of Labor-led rally.

Why are we still at it? Read the attached report from Inside Higher Education sent by UPI Instructor Greg Jackson. Chicago is bringing down the whole country on higher ed spending and we need to change that!

State support for higher education increased in 2016, not counting Illinois

Submitted by Rick Seltzer on April 20, 2017 ­ 3:00am

It’s impossible to examine state higher education finances in 2016 without separating the collapse in Illinois from a more nuanced picture across the rest of the country.

State and local support for higher education in Illinois plunged as the state’s lawmakers and governor were unable to reach a budget agreement and instead passed severely pared­down stopgap funding. Educational appropriations per full­time equivalent student in the state skidded 80 percent year over year, from $10,986 to $2,196. Enrollment in public institutions dropped by 11 percent, or 46,000 students…