Hello UPI,
You have probably seen the email below regarding the open forum for the presidential search.

At our membership meeting last week, we discussed the importance of the UPI having an active role in this process, and I was hoping we can get a strong UPI contingent (maybe in green) tomorrow to address issues like those that came up at our meeting: for example, what happens if we put significant work into Forward 150 this year and a new president comes along and decides to move in a new direction? What will this mean for work, morale, serving students, etc.?

Can you let me know if you can make it to the open forum tomorrow, and as a group can we strategize about how to take part in the search? Thanks, Tim

TO: University Community

FROM: Mike Dizon, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

DATE: August 29, 2017

RE: Presidential Search Open Forum tomorrow at 2 p.m.

The Executive Committee of the University’s Board of Trustees will host the second of two open forums / listening sessions for the presidential search that is currently underway. This event is open to all faculty, staff and students. Led by executive search firm Greenwood / Asher & Associates, Inc., this event will be an opportunity to share feedback in person. The Board will also accept feedback online at neiu.edu/feedback. The Forum is scheduled for tomorrow, August 30, at 2 p.m. in the Main Campus Auditorium.

Greenwood / Asher & Associates asks all attendees to think of answers to the following questions. They invite you to share your answers at the event or online.
What are the attributes that are important to you in a President?
What do you want your President to accomplish during the next three years?
What opportunities are on the horizon?
What do you love about Northeastern?
Thank you.

Labor Day Bash

Bernie Sanders is making Labor Day activism a priority this Monday, and, at NEIU–with layoffs barely over, and more cuts on the way–we need to as well.

A coalition of labor/education/social service groups that NEIU is a part of (including CTU, Fight for Fifteen, and other forces) is meeting downtown at the Thompson Center at 9 am on Monday to rally for living wages, public education, and a genuine public sphere.

Can you let me know asap if you can commit to this event or if you are thinking about it? I need to get potential numbers of NEIU/UPI folks attending to the leaders of the rally. Thanks! Tim

Labor Day Activism!

Hi Everyone,
On Labor Day, Monday, September 4 from 9 am-12, activists will gather at the Thompson Center in downtown Chicago for a massive rally demanding a middle/working class agenda that includes the right to unionize, the right to a public education, fair taxation, and more. Let’s join this group in green and show the commitment of NEIU and the UPI to Chicago, to our students, and to a better country.

Below is a list of digital things to do right now for the event. Can you like the Facebook page, follow on Twitter, and/or join the Thunderclap? When I first saw this information, I was a little thrown, but just click on the links below and it will only take a few seconds to make an impact right now.

As a side note, who is a social media guru who can help the UPI have a stronger digital presence? We need help there!
Thanks, Tim


Join the fight for 15 Thunderclap:

-Announce that your org is joining the labor day actions! Here is some suggested language for FB/twitter. Graphics to use for announcement are directly attached to this email:

*America. Needs. Unions. Join the workers #Fightfor15 going on strike to fight on Labor Day! http://bit.ly/LaborDay17 #Union [topline_rsvp]

On Labor Day, Chicago #WorkersStrikeBack in the #FightFor15 and a #union! We will take the streets with them! http://bit.ly/LaborDay17 [Announcement]

We need unions more than ever. That’s why we’re with workers in the #FightFor15 & a #union http://bit.ly/LaborDay1 7#WorkersStrikeBack [Rigged Econ]

-Share this breaking post:
https://twitter.com/fightfor15 /status/900776326050725888

2. FB EVENT PAGE: bit.ly/LaborDayChi

Please share event page with your networks.

Please add the event to your page:
Go to the event page. Click on “More” then “Add to page” and pick your organizational page.

Help Needed: Identify Members of the Bargaining Unit Separating from the University

Dear all – we are working on the refunds of furlough days from the agreement this spring and need to know who has separated from the university.

If you are in UPI and have resigned, please email me.

If you know of someone in your office or program who has resigned and may not be getting this email, please email me.

Redundancy will be fine. We need to double check the list Academic Affairs and UPI have of those separating.

Thanks and n solidarity,


UPI Membership Meeting Wednesday, August 23rd at 1 pm

Hello Everyone,
We will have a UPI membership meeting at 1 pm on Wednesday, August 23rd (room to be announced). Four items are on the agenda, and we can bring in others:

1) Activism for the new year. We need to consider ways to influence the state to fully fund public education next year and the years after.
2) Reviewing summer layoffs: the UPI leadership has been advocating against layoffs and shuffling of admin staff. A stronger, ongoing response must be considered.
3) Forward 150: in the wake of a budget this summer, along with the continued reduction and uncertainty of funding and the university’s need to build its reserves, how do we approach a year that is supposed to involve more change? What do we cut? What money needs to be saved? Who decides and what is the financial state of NEIU?
4) The budget survey: what are we being asked and how do we respond? Jon Hageman, UPI member who has been involved in the discussion of budget models, will answer questions.

And don’t forget, on Saturday August 26, from 3-???, I will have an open house at 6839 N. Knox Ave. in Lincolnwood to thank Sophia Mihic and Nanette Potee for their extraordinary service to the UPI and the University, to celebrate our own strength as a union, and to bring in the new academic year together. All are invited.

Fwd: Speak Out next Wed, 1-2 P in the B-wing Courtyard

UPI – be there for this speakout to support our brothers and sisters in AFSCME and thus our own working and teaching conditions.

In solidarity!

Come out, come out, wherever you are! We’re Speaking Out again and really, really want you to join us next Wed 1-2P in the B wing Courtyard.

This has been an extremely difficult time for all of us as we weather this heartless, cruel layoff/bumping process; thankfully it is concluding by next week. That said, as a union we continue to stand in opposition to the process.

The President claims the new budget increases NEIU’s costs for health insurance and pensions. In fact, there’s virtually no increase in these costs. I’m attaching a letter we sent to the President inquiring about this.

Worse yet, it is quickly becoming apparent that there are not enough office staffers left to provide adequate services to our students and to you as faculty for the upcoming fall semester and going forward.

It was great to see so many of you at our last Speak Out. We need you with us again next Wednesday from 1-2P in the B wing Courtyard for another Speak Out! We’ll have a bit of fun – join us to see how- as we demand the layoffs be reversed now. There may be some roles for you to play in the fun part if you’re game! Please see the attached flyer for details.

In Solidarity,
AFSCME Local 1989

Canvassing on Saturday: WE NEED YOU

Please look to the off-campus list for a message about some canvassing UPI and community members will be doing this Saturday, July 29th to help support NEIU, student recruitment, and state funding for public higher ed.

If you have 2 1/2 hours to spare (training at 9:30, canvassing with a partner from 10-12), please join this effort to keep our school funded, to keep students enrolling for this year and years to come, and to stop future situations like the one we find ourselves in now: where we are laying off hundreds of workers our school simply cannot do without.

Can you join us? Email me now! Tim

Quick Points from the UPI Membership Meeting Last Week

From the membership meeting last week, we have two heads up on contractual issues. There’s a wonderful full rundown of the meeting on the off-campus list by Nancy Matthews. Check it out!

Our primary next steps are supporting an end to the lay-offs on campus now that we have a budget, and there will be canvassing organized by Tim Barnett in coalition with our labor partners in the city and state. The idea is to further the win for Illinois and state workers marked by the bipartisan votes on the budget. More soon on that!

For now, Instructors: please pay attention to your workload assignment. Remember that assignments are made on the basis of the re-employment rosters. If you have any questions at all on assignments, please contact our Grievance Officer Cyndi Moran at C-Moran1@neiu.edu.

Second, with the appropriations for this year, last year and the restoration of MAP we will be repaid 5 of our Spring 2017 furlough days.

Furlough Payback for 5 Days Over Negotiated Schedule

Part-time Instructors (less than 100%) by Sept 30, 2017
Full-time (100%) Instructors, ASPs, ARPs by December 30, 2017
Non-tenured TPs and RPs by June 30, 2018
Tenured TPs and RPs by June 30 2019

At this time we don’t know if repayment will be lump sum or spread out over time. We will let you know as soon as we know.

BE THERE: events tomorrow for UPI and for the university

UPI – we have a UPI Membership Meeting, Golden Eagles, Thursday 7/13 at 12:00 Noon.

Then later that afternoon at 4:30 join us for a Budget Celebration!

Alarmist Brewing and Tap Room
4055 W. Peterson Ave

We’ve got some good news on the financial picture re our furlough repayments but still have some other questions we will try and work through by noon. We’ll at least be able to make a cogent report.

Additionally, this membership meeting is an important one for me and Tim. I’m going on sabbatical in the Fall and stepping down for the remainder of my term on August 15. Tomorrow will begin our welcome and thanks to Tim Barnett as NEIU/UPI President!

Remember to attend President Helldobler’s Town Hall on the good news of the state budget in the morning at 9:00 in the Bryn Mawr Campus Auditorium.

It’s going to be a busy day people!!

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