NEIU/UPI and UPI 4100 Support of UIC United’s Two-Day Work-Stoppage

Dear all,

Please join our delegation to UIC Tuesday and Wednesday. We’ll all train or drive down and meet there. The Blue Line takes you right to the University of Illinois, Chicago campus. Wear UIC United blue for them and a little green UPI swag for us!

NEIU will support the East Campus pickets in the Quad area. Go to the Jane Addams Hull House at 800 South Halsted for directions on where to go, and come back there when you need to get toasty in the warming center.

Pickets 9:00 to 4:00 – Tuesday & Wednesday East and West Campus
Demonstration 7:00 P.M. – Tuesday UIC Pavilion, Racine and Harrison

Think about how many of us have presented at UIC and how many of us have sent students to their graduate programs. The step they are taking now to support a fair contract–for instructors and tenured faculty alike–is a difficult one and an important one for the state and city. The new normal of administratively driven universities is a recipe for mediocrity, and we support the excellence of UIC’s teaching and research just as we insist upon our own excellence.

Bring yourselves and baked goods to the warming Center at Hull House on the UIC Campus to support our colleagues and public education in the state of Illinois.

The first day, Tuesday, will see many of us there and we will have a second contingent down on Wednesday. If you can drop by for an hour, or stay for a full 4 hour picket shift, do it! Whatever you contribute will help!!

Any questions? Let me know.

Want to do some reading?

Here’s a great historical piece on UIC by Elizabeth Shermer at Loyola.

And Walter Benn Michaels and Lennard Davis of the UIC English Department wrote this.

In solidarity!


Union Members and Colleagues:

Unless something very surprising happens in the next couple of days, the UIC UF strike will begin on Tuesday morning. Our members and community supporters have been asking where to go, what to do and how to do it. This link will get you and the people in your networks all the logistical details, but here are the basics.

We will be picketing between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. On East Campus, the Quad and Hull House will be our centers, so when you arrive (wearing blue if you can!) you should go straight to the Quad. There you’ll receive a sign and an assignment to one of the buildings that we are picketing. Most of the picketing will be in 20 minute increments (when classes are changing over). At the University Hall (UH), the picketing will be more continuous. In between times, there will be activities in the Quad and opportunities to warm up (although the current forecast is for 39 degrees) and get some coffee or tea at Hull House.

On West Campus, Public Health is our center. When you arrive (also wearing blue!), go to the SPHPI building at 1603 W. Taylor Street. That’s where you’ll get your signs and further directions. To warm up, plan on going into the hospital lobby.

Bring any supporters with you, too. Especially on Tuesday morning, since we’ll be holding a rally in the Quad at 10:00 a.m., after our first round of picketing. We’ll be sending the message that faculty, students, staff, graduate assistants, and community members are all working for a better UIC.

UIC United Faculty

Reminder and HEADS UP INSTRUCTORS: February 15 deadline to email your chair for work next year

Hey People,

I sent this yesterday, but I want to make sure you get it. Please reach out to others in your unit and make sure they get their request for employment in today or tomorrow. Please read below and cheers,


Dear Instructors:

If you want to be considered for employment in the next academic year, you are contractually required to notify your department chair by February 15, 2014. This has to be in writing, but an email will be fine.

You don’t have to ask for or discuss specific classes. Just send along formal notice that you want to work next year.

Any questions?

Email me!

In solidarity,


Thanks and solidarity!

Hey all and many thanks for a great membership meeting today! The Executive Board did a wonderful job of getting everything together.

Our negotiations team is fantastic and doing wonderful work. Thanks and bon voyage to Steve, Cyndi, Tim, Nancy, Gerry, Zach, Marshall and our new Field service Director Sarah Tarlow.

Franny announced an event on the horizon for further deliberation and thinking. Education in a Time of Austerity: Responses and Resistance. It’s scheduled for Tuesday, April 1 at 3:00.

We’ve got a little action going in the Former Classroom Building too people. Check it out some time, and if anyone wants to join in please let us know.

Party down people and have a good weekend!


UIC UNITED NEEDS OUR SUPPORT: Job action planned for Tues 2/18 and Wed 2/19

Dear NEIU/UPI Members;

Our colleagues at UIC–our public university sisters and brothers here in Chicago–have found themselves in a position our university as a whole has worked to move beyond. In their negotiations, UIC United is being stalled by an intransigent union-busting administration and they have called a two-day strike next week.

For all of us who were on the line during 2004, and in honor of all of us who have worked to move our own university beyond conflict and toward collaboration, I hope you will join the NEIU/UPI Delegation in support of the UIC job action.

We will discuss plans tomorrow at the Membership Meeting, and I will forward the picket details below, but think now if you can make the time to go down or if you can whip up some yummy desserts for us to take to the strikers’ warming stations.

We should target the daytime pickets between 9:00 and 4:00 on Tuesday and Wednesday and the Evening Demonstration at 7:00. The daytime shifts are 9:00 to 1:00 and 12:00 to 4:00, but any time you can spare will be appreciated.

In solidarity!

The NEIU/UPI Executive Board

MEMBERSHIP MEETING: Thursday, 2/13 @ 3:00 in the Lower Level Library Classroom

Hey NEIU/UPI Members:

Please join us tomorrow for the first spring . . .


Thursday, 13 February at 3:00 in the Lower Level Library Classroom

Yes, this is the “spring” semester and we are going to fight back against the polar vortex and all vexing forces with an introduction to the negotiations team!

We will chat about other topics of interest, too:

  • a report on the contract survey and constituency meetings thus far
  • putting our bodies on the line, or making cookies to send, in support of UIC United’s 2-Day Action on 2/18 and 2/19
  • a legislative committee to get out and rock our state senators and reps and our congressional people
  • deliberation on campus–yes, that means we will deliberate ourselves! Just like we’re at a university or something!–and we will think about our own vision for NEIU ten years from now

And yes . . .THERE WILL BE COOKIES!! But bring your own water folks, because we are going green for this one!!!

In solidarity,


EVENTS of INTEREST TODAY @ Noon and @ 4:00

Hey UPI-ers,

There are two events on today, which I’m sure you know about, but I want to remind you.

At noon, discussion on LGBTQ Climate and Discrimination in CBM 162. Bring lunch!

At 4:00 in Golden Eagles, the Ken Addison Lecture Series presents a film on the CPS Boycott of 1963 and draws connections between it and current struggles in the city around public education.

In solidarity,


NEGOTIATIONS and ULP RESEARCH: your help needed with spring enrollment data

Dear Faculty and Advisors,

Greetings all!

We are doing research in preparation for Negotiations and our Unfair Labor Practice hearings on workload assignment.

We need your help again to get information on how things went with enrollment at the beginning of spring semester.

Can you please answer the questions below and send them to me at

I will forward your responses to UPI Secretary Zach Schiffman who is compiling the data.

Thanks for this help and all the best,


SPRING 2014 Enrollment and Workload Assignment Queries:

(1) What is your position at NEIU? (Teaching Professional, Instructor, or Academic Support Professional?)

(2) Please describe any problems you had with Spring 2014 registration. For example, were your classes cancelled or did you experience schedule change?

(3) If your schedule change was due to dropped or reassigned classes, what was the course number and title? How were you notified/consulted? How much time did you have to prepare for newly assigned classes?

(4) If you experienced schedule change, what were the ripple effects of the changes? Did you lose classes, and/or lose percentage of employment? Did others lose courses because of your schedule changes?

(5) As an advisor, did you experience extra and unexpected work due to enrollment management policies?

(6) Were there any other irregularities in assignment that we should know about?

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